Dec 19th, 2009 - Arlene's Grocery

Back to where it all began... Come join FCC as we drunk drive Santa's sleigh right through the gates of holiday hell to our favorite NYC rock club - Arlene's Grocery. With special guests and good friends The Woelvs. Let's end this miserable year with a bang... FCC McGillicutty style. Note: FCC does not condone drunk sleigh driving. We are trained professionals on a closed course. 95 Stanton Street New York, NY 10002 21+ / $10 Cover

Dec 9th, 2009 - Pianos

The FCC rock and roll odyssey continues at Pianos Bar, Thursday Dec 3rd @ 8pm. Since we're huge on the AARP scene, we figured we'd book an earlier start time so all you animals who DON'T rage until 4am on school nights can make the show. Expect more rock, more face-melting weirdness, and even bigger block rocking beats. We might even debut the first live performance of "1000 Times". Rock and roll satisfaction guaranteed. Helmet required, change of underwear suggested.

Nov 4th, 2009 - Crash Mansion

The reign of rock n roll terror continues Nov 4th at Crash Mansion. Flight Crash Companion will be taking the stage at 11pm with original-recipe members Adam Day & Joey Klack along with the debut of new drummer Artie Gisin. As usual, we recommend bringing a helmet. Rock n roll satisfaction guaranteed.

Arlene's Grocery - Sat August 15th 2009- 11pm

95 Stanton Street New York, NY 10002 21+ / $10 Cover FCC is kicking off it's summer / fall tour dates at one of NYC's best venues: Arlene's Grocery. Last time we played here the baby jesus wept a tear of unprecedented jubilation, and this time will be even better! New songs, new lineup, same awesome sauce. FCC is back!

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